Please think!’ Furious note left on car parked so badly it blocked street

The badly parked car in St Matthew’s Street, Burton, meant the Asda delivery driver had to leave his truck at the top of the road and carry the shopping to their customer’s door

An angry note was pinned to a car parked so badly parked a supermarket delivery driver couldn’t get down the street.

The offending vehicle was parked in Burton, and reportedly left an Asda driver having to park up and carry the delivery all the way to their customer’s door.

The note, left by someone living on the street, reads: “Please think before leaving your car parked like this down this street.

“If an emergency vehicle needed to get through, it couldn’t. Please think of others!!!”

It comes after several years of parking problems in the street, which recently saw bin collections missed because a lorry could not get through, reports StaffordshireLive.

Speaking earlier this month, one homeowner, who asked not to be named, said: “We have a serious issue with double-parking and the council have been informed in the past.

“We as neighbours have had to put notes on cars parked explaining they were causing an obstruction.

“Residents are concerned if an emergency vehicle cannot get down, someone may suffer.”

Police and county council chiefs said they would be liaising to discuss whether to install double-yellow lines.

It comes after motorist Danielle Hopkins, from Gravesend in Kent, returned to her car to find a particularly angry note on the windscreen last month

Written in block capitals, it brands her an “A-Hole” for her parking.

The note read: “Your parking is inconsiderate and selfish. Park up to the double yellow so there is enough space for two more cars instead of one and a half.

“Really? You live on this road and must know how difficult it is to find space.

“THINK. Don’t be an A-Hole.”

The note was accompanied by a sad/angry face drawn just beneath the stern telling off.

After receiving the note, Danielle took to social media to find out who had written it – and she wasn’t happy.

On a Facebook group for the local community, she said: “Whoever left this note on my car, instead of being a d**k and not leaving a name.

“Be a real ‘considerate’ person and talk to me about it. Because if you had, I would have told you why it was parked like that.

“There was literally a space of two feet from the line to my car, so you would not have been able to fit another two cars there.”