Education in Korea

Ok, I don’t want go into details. because I think following videos at AsianBoss YoutTube channel are more descriptive than I could ever explain. They just come right from the heart of Asia. Thank you guys. It is very brave of you to come out with those unpleasant topics ))

What I had/have in my mind about ‘education topic’:

If u r complaining about education system in Czech republic or whatever else… please don’t be so ungrateful, because we should considered ourselves very lucky. Look at few videos and you will get what I am talking about, and this is true.

For me personally, it is not “unfortunately I’ve experienced it”, but it was really huge experience and see through. I am actually glad I can saw this, be there and feel it. It was too “painful”, really. Only one thing what matters is the name of the university, grades. But not the independent thinking or the gained experience or the knowledge.

And I am not saying to be hater. I did enjoy my time in Korea (and in Asia) a lot. I would love to come back, or stay for a while. But never again go there for studies. It brainwashed me even after one semester.

The educational system is actually related to cultural system and it creates (or keep going) social life in Korea. The pressure put on young students (just since beginning) is too big and we probably have no idea, how they feel.

I am so glad, that young people, especially those I have chance to meet, realize those problems and despite system, which tries to program them, they just want to change the world, be more independent, travel more, know more.

Anyways, we often see some crazy Asian TV shows. I think it is one of few ways, they can do something crazy, maybe not entirely ‘cosher’ and do something little bit wrong and let it out… But I might be wrong ))

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