Happy New Year 2016!

Year 2015 was really successful for me.

Things that happened which I have never dreamed of. The following list is a little bit personal, so if you are not interested, don’t continue reading it :))

Anyway I wish u the best luck in year 2016 and big thanks to everyone who somehow participated in my 2015 and made things happen.

First of all I have visited USA, California, San Francisco. I had a chance to be part of a small startup company and visited GDC (that famous GDC, no kidding!).

I’ve met awesome people there. I fell in love with SFO during long walks with my friends and wish to come back for more energy!

I’ve finished first year of my Masters studies at new school. Hopefully it will still continue in a good way.

I won tickets to MUSE’s gig in Cologne. No need to describe more.


I’ve became a part of an awesome group of people – Microsoft Student Partner. And I visited lots of interesting events, such as MS Build Prague.

I applied for studies in Korea and it actually happened, as you may know by now.
So next success, I think, is living 4 months abroad, in totally different country with totally different culture. But I loved it there. I loved the people. The food. And other things. But I will write another article or two about living in Korea in the future 😀 It was awesome, although sometimes difficult.
And my grades were awesome. LOL.

Beacuse of MSP I’ve met amazing people in Korea, who became my good friends.

I’ve met MUSE, in person, in Seoul! I have had Drones album signed and took pictures with them. Oh. This is one of things what happened only to few people. Huge thank you Korea for that. In Europe its almost impossible. Even though I am going to their next gig in Prague.

So, so far I visited two continents I’ve never been before – Amerika and Asia.

I also visited Japan! (Don’t worry, article will come!) I tried my first couchsurfing as a guest.

I’ve learned how to travel only with single back pack, how to travel totally alone and how to speak with body language and Google translator. Also I experienced bathing and sleeping at jimjilbang (찜질방) in Jeju-do (제주도). And its awesome.

I’ve learned a lot about Korean cuisine! So new skill achieved!

I’ve learned basics of Korean.
This year I had chance to talk a lot in English, even with native speakers (Not only US or UK guys).

I’ve learned lots of things about different cultures, Poland, UK, Canada and of course Korea.

I’ve chose diploma thesis which is interesting!

Now I know how small world is, REALLY small.

My niece celebrated her first year! And my parents celebrated silver wedding, 25 years of their marriage.

And we celebrated New Years Eve together as a huge family!

Thank you to all of you (friends, family, fans of my blog, random people I’ve met) again!

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