First days with Windows10

I couldn’t wait any longer to install official Windows 10 (not the Insider version). So I forced it by this link. I chose clear installation (don’t forget to back up your important personal data). It took some time, but nothing terrible, just usual installation. After launching the new Windows, you still have the Windows.old file – it is a copy of your previous Windows system. It took up 40GB. So if you want to find out how to delete it, read this little tutorial. But again, beware of loosing your data!

  • The first thing I downloaded was Skype. The icon after installation was only blank sheet and after system restart it looks terrible(maybe some of you remember the pixely Icon in Windows 8.1). See pic below.
icon Skype
  • The second thing was Visual Studio, it is essential for my work. I rly enjoyed it. Downloading was fast, full installation as well(my convertible tablet has a SSD).
  • And of course Office365 is important to me. Again, downloading and installing were surprisingly quick. After that I had some time to play with the new OS.
  • I really appreciate tablet mode, larger text and icons whenever I want.
  • Live tiles are very cool. I like them because I am used to them from Windows Phone. But if you don’t like them, just unpin them.
  • Windows Phone users will like colours for icons and menus they are used to.
  • You can set colour of panel adjusted to your wall paper. Looks cool but I prefer slightly transparent black.
  • Resize and rotate your desktop is cool.
  • Multiple virtual desktops. Heureka! Each desktop can have its own panel. So feel free to create panel for working and panel for fun. Just switch between them, so your boss cant see that you are actually not working :)) U can use 3D view and so on.
  • Edge (maybe you remember code name Spartan) browser looks very neat. I will give it a chance before I download Chrome. Lucky me, I remember(unlike other users), most of my passwords, bcz there is no way to export/import login info into Edge from Chrome(I guess this is important battle in the war between MS and Google :-))) But I think MS Edge deserves article by itself. So no more about it in this article.
  • My bluetooth keyboard is not working! I am using Acer Iconia convertible tablet. So if you have similar device and you don’t have spare keyboard or you just don’t want to be bothered by it, try to find on forums first, if it will work under Windows10 or you need to wait for updating drivers(as I do according others users). — 24th Aug this one is working now (I deleted already installed drivers, installed 3 times official drivers from Acer’s website and finally it worked!)
  • Software keyboard time from time crashed… not cool. But you can move it, or pin it. You can choose between it always appearing when you tap some textbox or turning it on manually.
  • My Roccat Kova[+] mouse – I created macros for quicker handling some things in Windows 8.1 and it is working on Windows 10 w/o installing special Roccat driver. Cool.
  • I opened WordPress editor in browser and Visual Tab has no textbox to write in! Errors occur. Glad I can use HTML mode. And WordPress Publish or Save Draft is not working either. So I must admit, I published this article in Internet Explorer. Yes, you can still reach it. Passwords and so on are shared.

    — 11th Aug this one is working now

  • Login screen offers you pictures. If you don’t like them, just add some of your own.
  • New shortcuts, especially about windows10 features like multiple screens, multiple desktops and so on.
  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V are finally working in Command Prompt 🙂 You can also find something in Command Prompt output by using Ctrl+F.
  • New image viewer – you can improve your photos (colour, filters, saturation, light, …) and pictures, or add some text in it and share them immediately.
  • MS Calc is improved A LOT!
  • MS Paint didn’t changed at all. But is still more powerful than Adobe Photoshop 😀
  • NotePad hasn´t changed as well. I would prefer something like NotePad++. Pretty please 🙂

la_femme_it 5th Aug 2015

Whenever I will find something interesting, I will add it here.

  • Spell check! It adapts to your current keyboard language.
  • I installed latest version of Matlab and it is working fine.

la_femme_it 11th Aug 2015

8 thoughts on “First days with Windows10

  1. Jiří Forst says:

    Thanks for the article, i can identify with a lot.

    As for me, i have installed W10 besides W7, and now, I’m slowly transferring my data and software.

    Right after i installed system and latest nvidia drivers, “start” and other menus were really choppy, thankfully, it was fixed after i updated.

    What surprised me was a look, it doesn’t look uniform to me. Also the icon of my computer and waste bin do seem ugly and “pixelized”.
    In general, i can see the progress but there is a lot to improve.
    For work, i am staying on Kubuntu 15.10 alpha (KDE 5.3) for work, which have a similar appearance direction with Windows, but according to me, looks better.

    Windows will stay as a very good game launcher. It boots fast (now?), it doesn’t unnecessarily swap and its fluid.


    1. la_femme_it says:

      Thx for you comment. It is really weird about pixely icons. I have pixely Icon of Skype (as shown in article) and some third party application’s icons. But Thrash bin looks amazing even when I scroll scale up. Try to set in Settings scale as recommended, it might help 🙂
      So far design looks uniform to me, as I am Windows Phone user and I am quite used to it. So maybe you just need some time 🙂


  2. Michal says:

    Hi and thx for this article (and excuse my poor english),
    i will add some remarks that i’ve observed as a non IT person:

    W10 is more compatible with the tektronix and rigol equipment then W8.1 which is a big plus for this OS in my kind of work.
    Games and programs are running and loading with the same speed so no deal there.
    Some people are saying that the new look is an issue, but i actually like it.

    And some negative observations:
    On the Asus N751JK with i7 HQ, dropped the battery life from 9,4h to 4,6h and after leaving the sleep mode, the touchpad isn’t responding (the same problem is on my Dell Inspiron).
    Sometimes i have a problem with my GCC toolchain in Eclipse, that it enters the debug mode, but the processor board does not receive the program for debugging.


    1. la_femme_it says:

      Thx for your comment. I think those little bugs will be fixed. Touchpad, my bluetooth keyboard, … About battery life. I have quite opposite experience – life time raised and my convertible Notebook is not so slow anymore.


      1. Michal says:

        I had yesterday enought time to play with it and i figured why the baterry drop is on i7HG and not on i7U to see, W10 makes downclock on the processor but it uses all 4 p.cores (8l.cores) but W8.1 shuts the 2 p.cores down, and in battery mode only 2 p.cores remain active (4 l.cores). The dell has i7U (like most nb) so only (4 l.cores). And another think, dell has only HD4xxx graphic card, but the ASUS has nVidia 750Ti, and it doest shut it down completely when playing FHD videos on youtube like W8.1.

        Liked by 1 person

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