BEST Prague: Czech in and fly to the Azure sky!

Well, I had an interesting week. Students from whole Europe gathered to take part in BEST Prague course about Azure, which took place at Microsoft building in Prague.
Lectures were also about so much expected Windows 10 and some new stuff such as HoloLens, Siena Project, MS Band… Pretty much all cool stuff you can imagine. Yeah, who doesn’t know me yet, probably should know I love MS stuff. Especially on my Twitter I try to be up to date with MS news.

Brewery tour
On Wednesday each group got a Lumia phone with pre-installed Geo.Best app. Because Microsoft prepared code hunt game. Jens (Norway), Florian (Belgium), Margheritta (Italy), Vero (Moldavia) and Tomáš (Prague) were the coolest guys who I have chance to have in my group!

We visited 11 spots (Branik, Library and Kampa were added by Tomas). Legend is under the map (print screen from our Siena app).


0 Microsoft CZ 
1 Pivovarský dům
2 Novoměstský pivovar
3 Branicky pivovar
4 U Dvou kočeks
5 U Medvídků
6 Ústřední knihovna
7 Vinohradský pivovar
8 U Fleků
9 U Tří růží
10 Pražský most
11 Kampa


At Branik brewery we actually had a small beer. Because weather was so hot, we decided to drink cautiously. Luckily nobody got wasted. At least not while I and Tomas were watching…
Library was pretty cool, because of Infinite well made of books.


After the code hunt we stopped at Mlýnská coffe shop, resolved the puzzle. Next day we created an app in Siena Project. Sienna is really good piece of software, especially for non-programmers and non-IT guys (as most of BEST participants were).


I had like 50 coffee cups at Microsoft. Fortunately it is pretty good one. Because I did not get sick by now. It turned out it is not easy to answer questions from foreign students. Despite I and Tomas were not official organizers, students turned to us. We both tried to do our BEST.


Swimming pool Biotop

After the hot Wednesday we had some time in the evening. Tomas, I and few other friends spent it lovely – at the Biotop Swimming pool. It has saved us from dying.



Microsoft building

The rooftop! The view is stunning. And there is a small garden. I guess some of the employees have no idea about it, because we have met only smokers there.

vyskocilova view

vyskocilova garden


Saying goodbye

On Monday we (Florian, Jens, Tomas) took a little trip to Branicke skaly (to see more, read this). Hope to see you guys on New Year’s Eve after my returning from Korea.

Notice, guys are wearing Build 2015 Prague T-shirts, which reminds me I forgot to write a post about it! :/

Special thanks

to Microsoft CZ, Tech Evangelist Martin for his fluent English and vigor :)) and ofc his assitant Lucie

to all of MSP, who were always rdy to help

to BEST Prague team and to everyone who took part in this event.

… and now back to reality and to work again (Maybe you gonna see the picture of me at Microsoft as employee :))

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