Prague from a different point of view – Podoli and around

Prague is beautiful, no doubt about it. But if you live here for some time and you go to school and work the citycentre full of tourist you will get sick of it. Not really sick but it just becomes ordinary, no WOWs anymore.

I am trying to find new interesting places for myself. Few days ago I went to Branické skály. If you are adventurous but NOT stupid like me DO NOT wear flip flops. The thing is, I did not know where I am heading. And I found this beautiful view…



And one panorama

Other really beautiful view is from Kavčí hory, where is TV station Česká Televize based . There is beautiful park. You can see walnut trees all around. Which is funny, because in Prague is placed called Ořechovka (something like Walnut place) and there are no walnut trees.

You can see Podolí swimming pool. But I have never been there.


Antennae for TV signal transmission


and some futuristic buildings… haha


I usually run to Branické skály. It is flat land and if you want to, you can always run down and up the hill 🙂

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