I am using Android

And it is annoying and at the same time it’s awesome. My good friend lent me Samsung Galaxy S5 with 2.5K resolution display. My Lumia 925 (now powered by windows phone 8.1) is under repair, I think GPS signal issue. So my guess is they will change whole motherboard or just give me new cell phone (it happened before with another Lumia with other issue).
But back to the Android. Lollipop. Sweet name, isn’t it?

First steps with Android
For a first few days it was really pain in the ass. Then I start fighting with it and just accept little weirdness and differences to Windows Phone.
I think what bothers me most are notifications. You just need to set up them separately in each application. I am used to go to the Notifications menu, set SAME few options and voilá.
I am still using the same apps as on my Lumia – Office, OneDrive, Outlook and social networks, instant messengers, Acrobat Reader and so on. I use the same layout as I am used to on my Lumia. This is how lazy I am! I must say – applications have more settings options, or more features. But this is not always good thing.
Have it ever happened to you when you were writing a text to someone, it was like in slow-motion and then the messenger or other application (even those you are not using) stopped working? How could it happened on such powerful hardware?

Expeirences with Samsung Galaxy S5
What bothers me the most on Samsung Galaxy S5 is the camera. It is so bad. Really. It has million settings, but the quality is not so good – you cant see it on Instagram but check my other articles.
And photo button is on left side! Totally wrong placement, especially if you have one of those flip flop cases. It makes selfies almost impossible! As you can see on my Instagram :))
The Galaxy S5 looks tacky, made from cheap materials. Fortunately the flip flop case with NFC for wireless charging looks pretty cool (Don’t forget to buy NFC wireless charging pad!). Especially in white colour. But when you fold it back, you can see edge through your camera during shooting. The case opens itself, there is not strong magnet to hold it closed.
What is wrong with all Samsung cell phones is design. Almost every model looks exactly the same. I think people appreciate if their high end expensive devices looks different than lowcost. I think Samsung S6 Edge is the right way how to do it.

Final thoughts
In short – I like some features, w/b saving mode, availability of korean application. I like the 2.5K display and bright colours (Next time I’ll buy 11K smart phone, haha). Sound of notifications and ringtones is who-knows-why so quiet. And battery life is good so far. I can’t rly rate this, because the device is new and I have 2 additional batteries, which I use time from time.
I can live with phone powered by Android, but now I am thinking about rooting and uploading some mode . If I buy Android phone, Ill choose one with more attractive design for me. I am really looking forward to Android version able to run smoothly on less powerfull hardware so that we are not forced to buy expensive devices.

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