Muse and Royal Blood concert in Cologne, 30th of June, 2015

I am opening this blog with the following post.

I would like to write about opportunity which Deezer gave me. I went, no-no, I FLEW to see MUSE.

How did I win? I just listened their new album Drones. Like for a hundred times. I’ve been watching their new out coming singles and downloaded them by Deezer to have them with me all the time. Doing sports, shopping, eating, bathing :))


So I listened Drones for 101th time and wrote a letter why I want to go to private Muse concert to Cologne at Gloria Theater. I guess I wrote it good, because there was only one winner. I am not lucky in contests like these but this time I won. Unbelievable! I was just waiting for results of my exams and suddenly all the stress fade out and happiness came in. Like all my life the bad luck was transformed to this one big win.

So I flew to Cologne, Germany, by Lufthansa. I stayed in Art’Otel right by the Rheine river. The Deezer crew, especially Pino, were very quick and helpful in everything.

I saw the beautiful city before the gig, but about Cologne city you can read in the next article. At the afternoon I went for my tickets. I was so F* nervous all the day. Hot weather made me sweat so I took a shower. Chose beautiful dress. Made ponytails with red ribbon. Little bit tuned up myself.

I arrived to the Gloria Theater at 19:30… Grabbed some awfully expensive beer at the bar (no waiting, haha) and waited for the show. There were ONLY 600 people inside. Bellamy at the interview before concert said they played for such a small audience last time in 90’s. So I guess I am really lucky.

At first Royal Blood played. They rocked out and warmed up the crowd. I listened to them before the trip so I was surprised, there is NO guitar player. I was standing on the platform in front of the the sound mixing engineers to see everything because I am just 160 cm tall šŸ™‚


After Royal Blood we had to wait for another hour.

And then it came. The playlist was amazing. Didn’t expect I will ever hear some of those amazing songs alive. Lights, people were singing, dancing, whistling… True musers. I was surprised how hard rock they sound alive. How Bellamy is really good singer. How Dom’s drums are exact and how Chris’s bass is sooo based. I have no wonder anymore why people loved them back when they were starting, because the performance is really stunning. I would say live show are better than recordings, but it is not true, otherwise people wouldn’t buy their CDs right? Live show contains some extra parts, or intermezzo when Bellamy went drop of his black jacket. Matthew communicated to the audience a lot – I didn’t see it before on big gigs. Matt was really enjoying the crowd. He was smiling when people were singing, clapping as he showed. And they gave us 3 additional songs. After proper, loud and long screaming and yelling and clapping. Totally rocked out everybody. After total end Matt waved to some people in audience, all of them thanked and of course some drum sticks flew towards fans. My body was pleasantly exhausted.


One bad thing I must say. The sound. It was very loud – the theatre is just too small for such powerful speakers.

One sad thing I must say – I hoped they would sign me something (I brought the Drones album). I thought I would have a chance to get the signature, because it was really an VIP event.

Now I am going to study in South Korea. And guess what. They will be there during the time I will be there. And I will definitely go to see the big show. I just must. So you guessed by now it was really great experience for me.


Pic below was taken next day morning after the concert.


I am very thankful to Deezer team (mainly Pino) they provided me this chance. Very big thanks belongs to MUSE and their managers for playing in front of such a small audience.

For more interested – somebody gathered photos from different websites together here.

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